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Clamp Down on Any Project: Essential Vices for Ireland & UK Workshops

Secure your workpieces with confidence using Irish Tools Shop’s exceptional selection of vices! We cater to both professional metalworkers and DIY enthusiasts throughout Ireland and the UK, offering a wide range of vices to suit various project requirements.

Unleash the gripping power of our vice selection:

Bench Vices: The foundation of any workshop, featuring robust jaws and a stable base for securely holding metal, wood, or plastic workpieces during filing, sawing, drilling, and other tasks.
Steel Vices: Renowned for their exceptional durability and strength, steel vices are ideal for heavy-duty applications that demand maximum clamping force.

Benefits of Shopping with Irish Tools Shop:

High-Quality Construction: Our vices are crafted from robust materials like cast iron and steel for exceptional durability and resistance to warping or bending under pressure.
Variety of Sizes and Jaw Widths: Find the perfect vice for your project, with options available in a range of sizes and jaw widths to accommodate workpieces of various dimensions.
Swivel Base Functionality (for select models): Enhance versatility with a swivel base that allows for 360-degree rotation of the vice head for effortless maneuvering and access to your workpiece from multiple angles.
Removable Jaw Plates (for select models): Certain models offer removable jaw plates, allowing you to switch between different jaw configurations (such as soft jaws) to protect delicate materials or create a custom fit for your project.
Fast & Reliable Delivery: Receive your vice quickly and conveniently throughout Ireland and the UK.
Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable team is happy to assist you in choosing the ideal vice for your specific workshop needs and project requirements.

Clamp down on compromise! Explore Irish Tools Shop’s diverse vice selection and find the perfect tool to secure your workpieces for any project.