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Clamp Down on Any Project: Diverse Plier Selection for Ireland & UK

Master various gripping, cutting, and turning tasks with Irish Tools Shop’s exceptional selection of pliers! We cater to both professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts throughout Ireland and the UK, offering a wide range of pliers to tackle any project requiring a secure grip.

Explore the versatility of our pliers selection:

Combination Pliers: The workhorse of pliers, featuring both gripping jaws and wire cutters for multi-purpose functionality.
Diagonal Cutting Pliers: Deliver clean and precise cuts through wire, cables, and other materials.
Long Nose Pliers: Reach into tight spaces and grip small objects with ease, ideal for intricate work.
Needle Nose Pliers: Offer ultimate precision for grabbing and manipulating tiny wires and components in delicate projects.
Water Pump Pliers: Grip and turn objects of various shapes and sizes securely, with self-adjusting jaws for convenience.
Locking Pliers: Clamp down with exceptional gripping force and hold objects firmly in place, ideal for stubborn tasks.
Specialty Pliers: Find specific pliers for unique applications, including circlip pliers, electrician’s pliers, and more.

Benefits of Shopping with Irish Tools Shop:

High-Quality Construction: Our pliers are crafted from durable materials for long-lasting performance and resistance to bending or warping.
Variety of Options: Find the perfect pliers for your specific needs, from general-purpose combination pliers to specialized options for intricate tasks.
Comfortable Grips: Work comfortably with ergonomically designed handles that reduce hand fatigue during extended use.
Precision Jaws: Ensure a secure and controlled grip on various objects with our precisely machined jaws.
Competitive Prices: Get the pliers you