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Turn with Torque: Dependable Spanners for Ireland & UK Projects

Tame any tightening or loosening task with Irish Tools Shop’s exceptional selection of spanners! We cater to both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts throughout Ireland and the UK, offering a wide range of spanners to suit various needs and applications.

Unleash the tightening power of our spanner selection:

Combination Spanners: The workhorse of spanners, featuring both open-ended and ring configurations on a single tool for versatility in accessing fasteners from different angles.
Ring Spanners: Provide a secure grip on nuts and bolts with enclosed ends that reduce the risk of rounding fasteners, ideal for high-torque applications.
Open-Ended Spanners: Offer access to fasteners in tight spaces with their non-enclosed design, perfect for working around obstructions.
Ratcheting Spanners: Combine the functionality of a spanner with the convenience of a ratchet mechanism for smooth and efficient tightening and loosening.
Adjustable Spanners: Adapt to various nut and bolt sizes with a single tool, ideal for tackling a broad range of fastening challenges without needing a full set.
Socket Spanners: Deliver increased leverage and access to recessed fasteners with interchangeable sockets for different sizes and types.
Specialty Spanners: Find specific spanners for unique applications, including flare nut spanners, oil filter wrenches, and more.

Benefits of Shopping with Irish Tools Shop:

High-Quality Chrome Vanadium Steel: Our spanners are crafted from robust chrome vanadium steel for exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion.
Variety of Sizes and Sets: Find the perfect spanner for your project, with options available in a range of individual sizes and complete sets to tackle any fastening task.
Precise Machining: Ensure a secure and comfortable fit on fasteners with our precisely machined jaws and smooth operation.
Comfort and Control: Work comfortably with ergonomically designed handles that provide a secure grip and reduce hand fatigue during extended use.
Fast & Reliable Delivery: Receive your spanners quickly and conveniently throughout Ireland and the UK.
Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in choosing the ideal spanners for your specific project requirements.

Turn up your tightening torque! Explore Irish Tools Shop’s diverse spanner selection and find the perfect tools to tackle any fastening challenge.